May I Answer That? by Swami Sivananda

By Swami Sivananda

This e-book is a compilation from many of the released works of the holy grasp Sri Swami Sivananda, together with a few of his earliest works extending way back to the past due thirties. The questions and solutions take care of a few of the most typical yet most important, doubts raised through working towards religious aspirants. What invests those solutions and motives with nice price is the authority, not just of the sage's intution,but additionally of his own adventure. Swami Sivananda used to be a sage whose first situation, even past love, let's imagine, was once the non secular seeker, the Yoga scholar. Sivananda lived to serve them: and this important quantity is the end result of that Seva Bhav (service inclination) of the nice grasp.

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Aspiration on the mundane side is but an expression of egoism that bursts forth in every moment of man’s life through actions, thoughts and speech. Unless it is, as already stated, willed by the Lord, nothing mundane or spiritual is possible of attainment by any human being on earth. God actually helps those that help themselves, provided that the thing aspired for is in strict conformity with the injunctions of the holy writ. From the cradle to the grave, from birth till death, from the moment of awareness to that of eternal rest, the guiding factor of man should be self-effort, self-effort, self-effort and self-effort alone, based on surrender, without minding the results.

113. What is the need to attain Moksha, Swamiji? To understand this you should resort to Satsang and study of scriptures. An intellect that is clouded by all sorts of desires and evil Samskaras will not be able to grasp even the need for Moksha. Such an intellect is Asuric. Read the Gita. Attend Satsang. Listen to the discourses of saints and Sannyasins. Then Viveka will arise in you. You will understand that this world is full of pain and sorrow. The bungalow, the motor-car, the little position and the small salary that you are having now will not then satisfy you.

Relative attribute. What the philosopher says, the layman cannot believe; and what the layman experiences, the philosopher cannot. 120. Swamiji, how did Maya arise in Brahman? This is an Ati-prasna or transcendental question. You will find this question coming up to your mind in various forms: When did Karma begin? When and why was the world created? Why is there evil in the world? Why did the Unmanifest manifest itself? And so on. The same question is asked by Rama in Yoga Vasishtha and Vasishtha says: “You are putting the cart before the horse.

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